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AI Product Knowledge

Dealer Smart is an app that is designed to help your sales people give the most outstanding vehicle presentation to your customers that walk into your dealership.  Utilizing AI, the dealersmart app will highlight key selling points for each individual vehicle in your inventory, making it easier for your sales person to learn the product and convert your customer to a sale. Dealer Smart app will also recommend 1-2 other vehicles that you have in your inventory based on their recent searches online.


AI Automotive Social

With one click, AI will create hundreds of the most effective, eye catching ad content for each vehicle in your inventory. Stop paying digital advertising companies thousands to take days if not weeks to create your content and not deliver the results you were expecting. . Let AI put it all together for you in second and personalise each ad for each individual customer. write this in professional way.


AI Automotive Receptionist

Leverage intelligent Voice Automation for vehicle status updates, service appointment scheduling, and answering customer inquiries. Relieve your service team from repetitive phone calls as AI efficiently manages these tasks. This technology enhances customer service and operational efficiency, making your service department more productive. Say hello to a seamless and streamlined customer experience with AI-powered service automation.

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