Welcome to Dealer Traffic, your premier partner in automotive training, recruiting, and consulting. With our extensive industry expertise and unparalleled commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to connecting exceptional automotive talent and with leading companies in the automotive sector.  It does not stop there. At Dealer Traffic, we’ve seen how training can make a positive difference for both dealership staff and customers. That’s why our company offers effective training on various topics and skills. Whether it’s a one or two-day on-site program, a full one-week training, interactive video training, over-the-phone training, we’ve got you covered. We can tailor a program to meet the specific needs of any dealership.

Our story Creating intelligent solutions with AI and robotics

If your dealership struggles with keeping one or multiple departments in your store fully staffed then you will never have to worry about this again. Not only do we take the entire hiring process off your plate, but we also make sure each new sales person is fully trained and ready to go within 2 weeks from their start date. Give us a call and talk with one of our recruiting professionals today.

Our Mission

Transforming the automotive industry with AI innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and driving dealership growth.

Our Vision

Leading the automotive industry through AI-driven innovation for dealership success.

Why Choose Dealer Traffic?

Our AI-powered products are engineered to address the precise challenges you face, from missed phone calls to managing aged inventory, and much more.

AI Expertise

We are industry pioneers with a deep understanding of AI technology. Our team of experts is at the forefront of AI innovations

Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions, designed to meet the unique challenges of your dealership, ensuring maximum effectiveness.


We are committed to delivering measurable results. Our focus is on your dealership's growth and prosperity.


We prioritize enhancing customer experiences. Our AI-driven solutions are dedicated to making every interaction

Meet with professional Team

A passionate group of automotive and AI experts dedicated to driving your dealership’s success with innovative solutions.

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