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Dealer Smart is an app that is designed to help your sales people give the most outstanding vehicle presentation to your customers that walk into your dealership.  Utilizing AI, the dealersmart app will highlight key selling points for each individual vehicle in your inventory, making it easier for your sales person to learn the product and convert your customer to a sale. Dealer Smart app will also recommend 1-2 other vehicles that you have in your inventory based on their recent searches online.


Introducing Dealer Smart, a cutting-edge application meticulously crafted to empower your sales team in delivering exceptional vehicle presentations to every customer who steps into your dealership. Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, the Dealer Smart app offers a dynamic tool that identifies and accentuates the unique selling features of each vehicle within your inventory. This, in turn, facilitates a more comprehensive product knowledge acquisition for your sales personnel, enhancing their ability to effectively convert prospective customers into successful sales.

Moreover, Dealer Smart goes the extra mile by intelligently recommending one to two additional vehicles from your inventory, aligning with the specific preferences and recent online search behavior of each customer. By providing such personalized and data-driven insights, Dealer Smart elevates the overall customer experience and contributes to increased sales conversions. In the ever-evolving automotive industry, Dealer Smart is your strategic advantage for optimizing customer engagement and driving sales success.


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